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Elementor Recommended Page Builder

Why Elementor is the Best Page Builder

Creating a WordPress theme has always been my least favorite and the most time-consuming aspect of any project. Most of the time, I would resort to finding a theme that looked halfway decent and calling it a day. Then page builders appeared on the scene. They were generally wrapped in a theme but provided way more flexibility for a page layout than ever before, but they still lacked complete customizability.

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WP Auto-Updates

Are WordPress Automatic Updates a Mistake?

An announcement made last February by the WordPress Core development team reveals that automatic updates for plugins and themes would make its way into the WordPress 5.5 release slated for August 11, 2020. WordPress 5.6 would then see automatic core updates with an opt-in feature. There are plenty of questions to be answered, but the one that stands out for me is this: are automatic updates a mistake?

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