LifePoint Church


LifePoint needed a new website that was simpler and easier to navigate. The website needed to contain simplified and easy navigation, up-to-date events page, and only necessary pages.

Our Approach

Since a lot of the issues revolved around site structure and navigation, the first step was to determine the page content that could be carried over to the new website.

To address the issue of an outdated event calendar, we integrated the church’s management software into the website. This allowed for automated updating to the website without double-entering content.

Since content tends to change regularly and pages are directly linked to social media, we structured most ministry pages as landing pages.


Since the launch of the new site, views have continued to run an average of 5X the views of the previous site.

The landing page structure has made it easy to update dates and registration links as each page has a similar structure.

A lot of pages have been off-loaded as events making management extremely easy and eliminating the need to create a page for everything.