LifePoint Reignite Campaign


LifePoint was finishing up a two-year capital campaign. They needed a website that showed the progress that the project had been through and raise final funding to supply the building with the needed equipment.

The donation links need to integrate with their giving platform.

Our Approach

We decided to stick with a single landing page. We utilized existing assets like the branding logo, video, and images. After the hero video is an explanation as to why the campaign is important. This is followed by stories of how the church has positively impacted the congregation.

Since the project had been running for about a year and a half, there were milestones that had been accomplished.

The final section was designed to fundraise for the finishing items for supplying the building.


The result is a beautiful single-page website. Elements were drawn from the branding for the campaign as well as the church’s main branding to create cohesion.